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How To Make Gunz Installer [Tutorial]

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How To Make Gunz Installer [Tutorial]

Post  Euniis on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:42 pm

Download link : Click Here

Step 1 : Open Install Creator don't tick it just click Next Browse the gunz folder the one that u want to make the installer.

Step 2 : After browse ' Include sub-directories' <-- must be tick , than click Next.

Step 3 : You can choose what language the installer will be,the below shows the welcome example ' Welcome To Pure Gunz ' Click ' Preview' to see it look at above after done click Next.

Step 4 : You can choose small or full screen after choosing click Next.

Step 5 : Click Next again and at ' Information ' the information is second screen shows in installer than click Next.

Step 6 : License is thrid screen shows in installer example like rules or staff list and this is abit same as ' Information ' but just type what ever u want , Click Next.

Step 7 : JUST CLICK NEXT .. Than Save As Name of the installer that u want to make to me ' Light Gunz Pros ' than click save wait untill it finish than congratz u has just made ur first installer.

I made this video from light gunz and i made this tutorial ,okay i admit im Tessica Dont BANNED ME Guys i just wanna join and help u guys out dont banned or delete my acc pls i dont wanna fight anymore just leave me alone and let me have fun.

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