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All Staff Read this NOW

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All Staff Read this NOW

Post  Asura on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:44 pm

OK hi all staff this is a lay out of you job and what you are to do read it learn it and do it that's all.

As a game master, you would:
■Test and document bugs;
■Draft and outline possible game enhancements and features
■Address and resolve customer/player issues;
■Develop and maintain customer/player relations;
■Investigate and document complex issues with regard to bugs, game exploits, trade and other potential issues;
■Distinguish for the team and other departments between high and low priority items, focusing on areas yielding the greatest return, and make sound determinations based on what requires a "sense of urgency";
■Document and communicate game/technical/investigation issues to technical staff;
■Document and communicate in-game community satisfaction, revenue stream, and revenue-building opportunities to management;
■Organize and run events for the community of players;
■Provide input on content driven events, updates, and future enhancements;
■Monitor game servers to ensure stability and fair game play.


■Fluent in English;
■Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
■Knowledge and passion for Gunz;
■Self-directed, detail oriented, problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to a uniquely creative environment;
■Demonstrate an ability to handle multiple demands from superiors and coworkers, have a strong ability to maintain professionalism with climate changes, and display finesse when working under adverse conditions;
■Must be self-directed, detail oriented and a problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to a uniquely creative environment;
■Experience with Massive Multiplayer Online Games is ideal;
■Individual should have good computer skills.

As a Developer, you would:

*Serve as primary contact for external development partners for unreleased projects.
* Ensure design and vision is achieved throughout the development process while maintaining a timely deliverables schedule.
* Prepare reports for executive team to ensure business objectives are well-communicated and achieved in final product.
* Work with offshore development teams to determine what development changes are required in order to ensure games are a success when released to the US market. May include design, art, vision, localization, optimization, marketing assets, or other changes.
* Coordinate product evaluation focus groups with internal teams.
* Coordinate with launch team for new product release handoff.
* Game design experience preferred.

As a Web Developer, you would:

* Responsibilities: Design, Develop, and Maintain the online gaming community site with innovative Web 2.0 features.
* Participate in entire software development lifecycle, from requirements gathering through documentation and support.
* Provide technical expertise in the areas of web architecture, object-oriented software design, and implementation

* Qualifications: Experience with large scale and high performance web application in PHP, Java, or C++ using Apache/LightTPD Server.
* Strong in web based applications and networking in Linux/Unix environments (prefer LAMP experience).
* Excellent SQL and database experience, particularly with MySQL.
* Strong in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Web UI libraries such as Mootools, JQuery, etc.
* Strong design and development process.
* Experience with service oriented architecture (SOA)
* Very strong verbal communication and technical writing skills.
* Self starter, quick learner, and team player.

As a Forum Mod, you would:

* Job description: Manage existing game teams to maintain strong familiarity and dialog with the game community on official forums, external forums and Web sites, including:
* Moderating message boards, including working with volunteer moderators and sages, to ensure that messages stay on topic and adhere to the code of conduct;
* Implement creative strategies to improve Puregunz’s image within its community forums;
* Building and working with gaming communities for new games going in to beta;
* Establish and maintain standards for the process of writing game documentation and release notes for game updates;
* Support the growth of the Puregunz community through external sites contacts
* Growing and updating Puregunz’s social networks;
* Establishing and maintaining standards for Game Team Interaction with external sites
* Using your familiarity with the nuances of the game community to support marketing and public relations efforts.
* Establish and maintain standards for the development of Web content that the community is most interested in viewing.
* Supporting the game teams running events, both in- and out-of-game, such as conventions, contests and developer chats.
* Assisting in the launch of volunteer groups focused on the promotion of Gunz.
* Working with Producers on overall game support/development, marketing, community building, and sales utilizing the Game Master Team;
* Coordinating and executing community promotions with partners;
* Establishing and maintaining a creative and productive environment through effective team communication.
* Building consistent processes across all of our game teams regarding the community management efforts, especially focused on growing the user base and improving retention.

* Qualifications: Previous experience building and moderating online communities through forums, Web sites and other platforms. (This is a MUST);
* Superb interpersonal writing skills and a professional, friendly disposition with the ability to speak to a diverse audience (for online community interactions);
* The ability to communicate and comprehend technical topics clearly. Both written and verbally;
* A passion for online games and an understanding of MMO games, the development process, customer service, and the market in general;
* Proven time and project and team management skills with demonstrable ability in handling multiple responsibilities concurrently while working well under deadline pressures;
* An understanding of marketing strategies and online business models;
* Strong organizational, analytical, and presentation skills (prepare reports and analyze customers' trend and characteristics);
* A creative mindset. Adept at finding new ways to deliver old material;
* A proven ability to take initiative and be proactive;
* Proven experience in successfully developing and managing people, resources and schedules;
* Previous experience managing programs, projects and groups;
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