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For all Pure Gunz Players !!!!

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For all Pure Gunz Players !!!!

Post  OverRun on Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:42 am

hmmm , i am Thinking in Developing our donator shop so i will need some help Very Happy-__-
so any Player in puregunz Can use Blender Or Design cool weapones for dontor shop Replay This post Even if he posted before Very Happy by
1- screenshot of his weapone [we need shotgunz + swords with puregunz on them to prevent liching]

2- a download Link of his Weapone [ i like mediafire.com ] it always be like this [Sowrd.elu] if you dont know how to elu it Ask me
or Google it.. eazzzy

3- To help You More ,hmm You Can use this to look at ur Weapone Before You put it in Game download the file from Arrow

Hope You Work Hard and Devlope Puregunz !!!
Thanks Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
PG Owner !!
PG Owner !!

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Re: For all Pure Gunz Players !!!!

Post  Obsessed on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:27 pm

idk how to do it but me and timmy (Asura) was thinking of how to do it but iam working on it and i will let u know

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