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Post  kiluwa321 on Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:24 pm

Full Name : Alvin villarante

Age : 16

Contact : yahoo ( kiluwa321@yahoo.com ) facebook (

Languages : english & Philippines

In game Active : 17 hourse a day

In game name : kiluwa321

Application for : Head Staff

About Me : Im Loyal,and Trustworthy.im a peopls person,and im realy good with people.Im Loyal,and respectful,and i follow the rules,the exact way there listed.I will make the members happy,and give them what the need,i can help them with there problems,the way they state them,and i can deal with them the best way i can.i myslef believe the members and the server comes first,before anything else involving GunZ.I am well experienced,and i know exactly what im doing.i can do my job correctly,and respectfully.
Experience : Im former GM in SonyGunz Owner in catgunz and im fully experienced ,and have the ability to solve problems quick and easy.

Activity : Playing Mu online and Gunz also and more but all of my activity is GunZ

Why I should be accepted : I will not put someone above someone else. Rules are Rules, when you break them, you'll get warned/banned. Hackers, Ucer's and insulting GM will result a permanent ban. Spammers will get a warning to stop spamming, if they insist they will get disconnected but if they insist again then it will result a mute for X day, depending on the situation. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but be glad that people clear those mistakes, and don't say I don't care. And like every GM does, I'll work as hard as I can, to make everything possible for the featured members. People are expecting much from this server, but we will make this server so great that you would look and suddenly your eyes would pop out. If any players or even if any staff are in needs of help, then I will be there to assist them and if the reason I gave wasn't enough then I'll keep trying, until it'll work , I can Help improve this server ingame,i can bring many people,and make PureGunZ a fun,and well developed experience of GunZ.I can make Sure every Rule is followed the correct way,and make sure there not broken.i can do my job very well,and the correct way.i can keep the server hacker/spammer free,and make sure there are No rule breakers period.I can make the members happy,and treated the way the want to be treated.i can make sure that there happy enough to were they will never think of leaving.

* Proof that i become a GM *



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Post  OverRun on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:57 am

it is nice ,but spots are full ,Sorry Smile Evil or Very Mad
PG Owner !!
PG Owner !!

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