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My application =)

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My application =) Empty My application =)

Post  luis81 on Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:22 am


in game:imperio

age:im 13

Location:New York/queens

time im on:
saturday:9:00am-12:00am or more

Postion Applying For:pureGunz GM

Why Should I Work for PureGunz:cuz i wanna help you guys do it a better Gunz and bring more people.and because im always online most of the time and i can do events and more stuff.

What can I do for this Server: I like to report hacker/glitcher/spammer/swapper ( if its not allow )and first ama give warnings.

How can I make a difference:i can make a differences because i can im gonna get more people to join and i could help with something and im almost online most of the time.

Previous Experience:im not that great on beeing GM but i could learn on my way trough.i have only been GM once and im not so good at it but i could help on alot of things.

Contact Information:msn:luisangel199730@hotmail.com//aim:burdieluis

A Little Bit About You:im a good student on school im smart.i got 2 brothers who are going to be joining PureGunz and i dont get mad easy and we could have fun together on PureGunz.

I think Thats all! =P

Thank you so much!
I hope i'll be choose =)


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My application =) Empty Re: My application =)

Post  OverRun on Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:25 am

huh , Lol My old Frind Luis ..
Hmm , i would like to accept by frindship Power but i Can as more pro people applied for same post Very Happy sorry
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PG Owner !!

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